Thanks for requesting to watch the Thrive in Menopause videos, which you will find below.

These videos were created from a webinar that I ran in late 2019.  I thought that rather than sharing the entire 1.5hr webinar that it would be easier for you to watch if they were shorter.  

Please enjoy the videos and if you would like to learn more about how you can find out about creating a personalised health solution for you please email me at


Video One
In this first video I share some of my story around menopause with you plus dive in with some information about what is happening to your hormones and how they are impacting the way you feel.  I also share the real reason why you are likely to be experiencing different symptoms.
Video 2
Now that you understand what is happening to your body the next step is to learn what the solution is.  Sorry there is no single solution that will work for everyone, what you need is a personalised solution that suits your body and your symptoms.  In this video I take you right back to the beginning to explain how everyone is different, how all body's are different and have different needs when it comes to diet and exercise.
Video 3
Now that you understand a bit more about Personalised Health I am going to start introducing you to some of the different Body Types, you might recognise yourself in one of these.  I also share with you some dietary and exercise advice which will suit each different Body Type.
Video 4
In this video I share the final 3 Body Types and the recommended food and exercise tips.  I also share with you how you can find out more about your specific Body Type and what you require in terms of food, exercise and lifestyle to have optimum health.  It often only takes a few small changes to kick off some of those excess kilos or to reduce your symptoms.  If you would like to learn more about the embrace Group Program which kicks off in mid February 2020 click HERE