Moving Your Body with Self-Kindness
In this week’s episode I am chatting with Erica Webb from the Self-Kind Hub.  Erica is a mindful movement coach who uses Somatic Exercise, Yoga and Mat Pilates to support women to shift tension and reconnect with their body through a lens of self-kindness and curiosity. Erica’s approach to movement is one that centres simplicity and gently moving beyond our subconscious habits. She believes that movement doesn’t have to be complicated to ‘count’ and is a big fan of using bite-sized movements to bring more movement into the everyday. This conversation with Erica went in many different directions including

  • The difference between exercise and kind movement
  • Learning to trust that your body is doing exactly as it is meant to, even if that isn’t what we want it to be doing
  • Taking responsibility for self- healing rather than outsourcing this to others
  • How to use somatic movement to tune into your body and to heal your body

You can connect with Erica here:

Podcast: SelfKind with Erica Webb
The SelfKind Hub
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