Finding Your Fabulosity
This is a fun episode with Jai Harvey-Yin, where she shares with us her tips for living a “fabulosity” life.  First a little bit about Jai...

Jai has qualifications in business, beauty therapy, teaching, disability and so on one hand, she quite traditional. She also has a huge passion and empathy for the human spirit, in particular women. She has this drive to see women step into their own confidence, beauty and take control of their destinies.

Jai is also a reiki practitioner, light worker, an energy healer and spiritual student, so in her words “I’m quite woo-woo”.

In reality, Jai is just like you – everyone is at different stages of life. Jai is real, sometimes raw, sometimes a little chaotic, mostly calm, always honest, kind and most of all, loving. Her passion is to share her insights and unique spin on life with women who are drawn to work with her.

In this episode Jai give you permission to “strut your stuff” the best way that you know how.  She also shares the 3 steps to the Fabulosity Flip, which are:

1 – feel the feels

2 – find a temporary solution if you can

3 – flipit, find a way to see the situation as an opportunity rather than a disaster

Why not try the Fabulosity Flip in your life, you can start with something small, you can work up to bigger things in the future.  Try it and see if your life starts to look different.
Currently Jai’s signature program “Journey to Fabulosity” isn’t open, but should you wish to learn more, why not join her free facebook community called Gratitude, Attutide & Joyous Abundance with Jai 

Or if you would like to experience an online Reiki Session with Jai visit her website at

And Jai’s message to you is “remember you are unique, sparkle, sparkle”

If you have a friend who you think would benefit from a little bit of Jai’s Fabulosity in their life, share this episode with them.  I would also love a rating and review of this podcast on Apple Podcasts (or wherever you are listening to this episode) this means that more women can find the Menopause Conversations Podcast and learn more about their hormones, menopause and other things that impact women as they move through this time of life.

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Until next week don’t forget to Sparkle, Sparkle

Infinite Love and Gratitude

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