Menopause After Cancer
More and more women are experiencing menopause after cancer, whether it is from the disease itself or from the treatment.  I wanted to make sure that we covered this topic with the respect that it deserves so decided to ask a friend who has experienced a medically induced menopause at the age of 47.  Sonya Lovell is a personal trainer and has always led a relatively healthy life until she received a cancer diagnosis almost 5 years ago.

The diagnosis shocked Sonya but what was to come was chaos and confusion as Sonya was plunged very quickly into menopause.  Sonya shares her story of not feeling well informed about what would happen to her when it came to her menopause and the lack of support that she received from the medical fraternity.

In this episode Sonya not only shares her experience she also shares what her dreams are for the future of cancer treatments and the support of women through medically induced menopause.  I am thankful that Sonya was open about her story and that she was able to share some of her tips that helped her through some of her worst times.
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