Interview with Women's Fitness Adventures
In this week’s episode I am sharing an interview that I did with Yvonne Shepherd from Women’s Fitness Adventures (WFA) for her community.  I share some of my challenges around osteoarthritis and weight gain and how I was able to recover from a full hip replacement and complete a 27km walk 6 weeks after finishing my rehab program.

I don’t think of myself as inspiring when I share my story because I am simply doing what I need to if I want to be able to stay health and mobile as I age but I have been told that my story is inspiring. If only one woman gets inspiration from what I have achieved, then I will continue to share.

Mobility, balance and flexibility is so important as we age.  These are what will continue to give us a good quality of life and for me it means that I can continue to do the multi-day hikes that I love to do.  I love the challenge of deciding to do a hike and then the planning process to get fit and strong to be able to complete the hike.  My next big hike is in Iceland on July 2023.  I have already started my training, 9 months out, so that I will be able to complete this challenging hike.
If you would like to learn more about Women’s Fitness Adventures and the hikes that they organise visit:
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