The  4 Stages of Menopause
Many women think that menopause is a single event that happens when in fact it is a time of transition. This transition can take up to 12 years (maybe even longer) to occur and for most women this transition generally starts in their early 40s. This is when hormones gradually start to shift, and some symptoms might start to occur. It is important to note that every woman’s transition is different, so ages and symptoms could vary.

If you have had a full hysterectomy or some cancer treatments then you will likely skip all four stages and go straight to post-menopause.

The 4 phases are as follows:

Phase 1 – Very early peri-menopause

- Can start in late 30 to early 40s

- Generally last between 2-5 years

- Cycles can shorten to 21-26 days

- Less progesterone

- More oestrogen which can lead to heavier periods, increased period pain, migraines and sleep problems

Phase 2 – peri-menopause

- Starts around mid 40s

- Can last up to 5 years

- Your cycle can start to become more irregular

- Progesterone is lower, due to missed ovulation

- Oestrogen is fluctuating up and down, and when it drops it goes lower than before this can trigger worse hot flushes

Phase 3 – late peri-menopause transition

- This phase can last for up to 4 years

- This is when you start to miss periods and have cycles that can last over 60 days (note – cycle is time between bleed)

- Hot flushes and night sweats could get worse

- Breast pain should ease

- you might still have a couple of very heavy periods

Phase 4 – menopause transition

- This is the time when you are waiting to see if your last period was really your last

- This period is 12 months

- Symptoms should start to ease as oestrogen levels stabilise at a lower level

Once you haven’t had a period for 12 months you are now post-menopausal for the rest of your life.

In future episodes, I will share with you more about what happens with each of your specific hormones in each of these phases, starting with Progesterone.
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