Mid-Life Relationships with Iman Iskander
What happens to relationships as you move through your menopause years? For some women it is a time of new beginnings, for others it is a time of endings. In this week’s episode of the Menopause Conversations podcast I chat with Couples Counsellor Iman Iskander.

Iman shares the different stages a relationship goes through and what happens if we happen to get stuck at a particular stage of relationship development. We also talk about women who “stay for the kids” and what happens once their kids are older and no longer dependent on them.

Relationships with one person for a lifetime can be hard, but are we really supposed to be with the same person for our entire adult life? This is the question that I ask Iman and she shares different research studies that show whether this is a good thing or not. This leads to a conversation about different cultures and how they see relationships and the role of women.

This was a great conversation and I am grateful to Iman for share her expertise in this episode, it certainly got me thinking about my relationship. Will I be looking to move to the country and setup a community of only women? Only time will tell, but I do already have the farm in the country!!!
If you would like to learn more about the work that Iman does you can visit her website or follow her on Facebook @Culture of Care - AU.
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