Intimacy and Menopause
In this week's episode of Menopause Conversations I am talking with Janet McGeever who is the Co-Author of Tantric Sex and Menopause (with Diana Richardson). This was a beautiful conversation with Janet gently sharing how it is possible to be intimate after menopause despite the changes that happening in our bodies. Janet's book and this conversation is about relearning what we think we know about intimate relationships. She shares the importance of understanding energy, receiving and giving, when it comes to intimacy.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Janet, her voice is so gentle and she holds space while we talk about a topic that can be a sensitive one for many women. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her book and had many ahha moments as I was reading through. There is so much that we can still learn about intimate relationships, things that are completely different to what we have learnt in the past.
I hope that you enjoy this conversation and if you would like to learn more about Janet you can visit her website or You can also find Janet on facebook and instagram as @janetmcgeever.

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