Finding your inner Wise Woman with Lisa Fitzpatrick
In this week’s Menopause Conversations Podcast with Lisa Fitzpatrick we go on a journey to find your inner wise woman. Lisa shares a time when she was looking for a wise woman to guide her through a troubling time in her life, but she couldn’t find anyone. This led her on her on journey of discovery and now she works with women to help them to connect to their internal guidance system.

In this conversation we discuss breaking the rules that we have been taught by the dominant patriarchal society that has kept women trapped for many generations. And yes, there is a discussion around witches, in fact it was a question about witches that first attracted me to Lisa and why I wanted to have her as a guest on the podcast.

As we uncover what it is to be a wise woman Lisa shares that wise women are comfortable with the mystery of life whereas before finding our wisdom, we often are looking for certainty and control. She shares how our wisdom comes from deep within our wombspace and how we can connect to our own womb.

In this current world where chaos appears to be the dominant force, healing of the world will come from our feminine energy. Once women are able to re-connect to their physical, emotional and spiritual energies there will be a healing power that re-balance a world that seems to be spiralling out of control.

This is an episode that might need a couple of listens, we go deep in some places. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation, and it isn’t often that I get to have such an open conversation with someone who is on a similar wavelength to me. If some of what we speak about is a little difficult to grasp, please be gentle on yourself and know that the more you listen the more you will understand.
If you would like to connect with Lisa, her website and social media links are:

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