My Menopause Journey
While my primary message is that you can navigate your menopause transition with ease, this wasn’t always my story when it comes to menopause. I have had those dark days when I had no idea what was happening to me, feeling frustrated because my body seemed to be breaking down and there was nothing, I could do to stop it. I have experienced the shame that comes with putting on weight even when I was eating a relatively healthy diet and I hid my body with the baggiest clothes that I could find. I have spent night after night trying to get to sleep but not being able to because of the amount of pain that I was in. My menopause transition wasn’t always easy, in fact it was often far from it.

But the pain, the shame, the sleepless nights sent me looking for answers. I knew that what I was going through wasn’t normal (even if it is common) I wanted to find a different way. I was lucky I did find a solution that resulted in me dropping the weight, getting rid of the pain, and sleeping through the night again. Once I found the solution that worked for me, I started sharing it with others and it worked for them as well.

In this episode I share with you my journey from the struggle of menopause to thriving in menopause.
If you want to learn more about how I was able to go from struggling to thriving join me for my free workshop – The Secret to Thriving in Menopause. Over 5 days I will share with you what I learnt when it came to losing my meno-belly (and other meno-weight), getting rid of the intense body pain and getting my life and health back again. You will have the opportunity to create your own personal menopause blueprint that you can use to navigate your menopause transition with ease.
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