What's Your Style Personality
Join me as I chat with Fiona Keary from Style Liberation as she shares with us how you can find your own style personality so that you not only look good but you also feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing.  Fiona recently chatted with my embrace Inner Circle members and she said that I could share this presentation with my wider community.

In this presentation Fiona shares
- what is a style personality
- the 8 different personalities 
- how you might be a combination of more than one style personality
- once you know your personality what is the next step

Fiona has also shared her presentation slides with me if you are a visual person and need to see the different styles photos, Click HERE to download the slides

If you are not sure about which Style Personality you are, you can do the Style Personality Quiz at https://www.styleliberation.com.au/style-personality-quiz

Fiona also has a fantastic free facebook group called 35+ Where to Shop you can request to join HERE

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