Break the Bias with Angela Counsel
I am back after 12 months break with a re-vamped podcast.  New name and new content.  As I re-launch this podcast it is International Women's Day and the theme for this year is #breakthebias and I thought that I would talk about the bias that happens in healthcare and medical research.  For too long women have been dismissed when it comes to what is considered complicated health problems.  The terms hysteria, attention seeking and emotional are words that are often used when women speak to their Drs about the way that they feel especially when standard testing doesn't reveal anything significant.  Unfortunately many Drs simply don't understand enough about women's hormones and particularly the changes that happen as women move through menopause.  It is time for this bias to stop!

I am passionate about educating women about how their hormones work because I believe with knowledge comes power and when women have a better understanding of the changes that are happening in their body they can make more informed choices rather than relying on the limited knowledge of someone else.  
If you would like to continue this conversation why not join me in the Menopause Conversations Facebook Group where I discuss many different aspects of women's health and menopause.  Click HERE to request to join.  I will be back next week with another episode where I will be chatting to a fantastic guest who has a lot to share with you about your personal style, particularly as you age.
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