Have you noticed that your body is changing?

As women move into their forties (sometimes earlier) they often notice changes are occurring, things like:

- their menstrual cycle changes or becomes heavier

- they start putting on weight and it is hard to lose it

- some women start to feel stiff in their joints and have joint pain

- or they find that their moods become erratic and they are often irritable at the smallest of things

- also a feeling a ongoing fatigue and hot flushes

If you can relate to any of the above then it is highly likely that you are in the stage of life known as peri-menopause.  If you have ever wondered - "Is this menopause?" - then watch this webinar to find out.

On this webinar you will

  • learn exactly what is happening with your hormones and why you feel the way you do
  • learn why blood tests are not a very accurate way to determine if you are in peri-menopause
  • understand the role that your adrenals and liver play in the way you feel
  • discover why women in traditional cultures have minimal to no symptoms of menopause
  • learn the key principals that will change the way you experience this stage of life.

Presented by - Angela Counsel

Angela Counsel is a leading Naturopath and Mindset Coach who specialises in helping women in their mid-stage of life to live the life of their dreams.  She is on a mission to spread the word that menopause does not have to be a tough time in life, in fact it can be a time of stepping into your wisdom and falling in love with your life.

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